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20 Love & Dating e-Books

Secrets to seducing women
Recently I’ve been hit with the same question over and over again. Guys want to know how to seduce a certain type of woman. In other words, these guys realized they are with a certain type of woman, and now they want to know the best way to seduce that particular type of woman. It’s a good question.

But no one asks the “real question”… NO ONE!!! The real question is: How many sub-personalities does she have? (in other words, how many “types” is she)… and how do I identify when she is in one of those “types”?

The truth is these sub-personalities determine how serious she is at that time, her voice tone, her energy level, how she responds to you, a bunch of little stuff like that. Power Tip: When you can identify her current sub-personality, all of the seduction knowledge that is stored in your brain becomes more useful,beneficial and effective…

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