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We offer an amazing collection of over 31,000 e-Books in Kindle's Supported PRC and MOBI format. All e-books in this collection are sold at an incredible low price of $0.01. Yes, only one penny each. Once you have ordered, you can download the e-books on your computer and copy them into your Amazon Kindle.

Supported Models:
Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle 2
Amazon Kindle DX
Kindle WiFi
Kindle WiFi + 3G
Kindle for PC
Any hand held reader supporting the prc format like the Mobi-Readers.

To read the e-books on your PC, you have to download a free reader converter first. Download Calibre from

Some e-book collections are very large. Therefore, we separated some of them into smaller files that accommodate an average of 60 to 100 MG and approximately 400 to 500 e-books each. This way it will be easier for you to download and less expensive to buy. Just check the Index and decide which Volume or entire collection you want to purchase.

Go to the description page to see the INDEX for each collection you may be interested to order.

Education\ (207)
\Disk 1\Education\A Book of Exposition
\Disk 1\Education\A Child's Story Garden
\Disk 1\Education\A Collection of College Words and Customs
\Disk 1\Education\A Collection of Short-Stories
\Disk 1\Education\A Concise Dictionary of Middle English
\Disk 1\Education\A Fleece of Gold
\Disk 1\Education\A Guide for the Religious Instruction of Jewish Youth
\Disk 1\Education\A Handbook of Ethical Theory
\Disk 1\Education\A History of Roman Literature
\Disk 1\Education\A History of Science, V1
\Disk 1\Education\A History of Science, V2
\Disk 1\Education\A History of Science, V3
\Disk 1\Education\A History of Science, V4
\Disk 1\Education\A Lecture on Physical Development
\Disk 1\Education\A Little Book of Stoicism
\Disk 1\Education\A Little Journey to Puerto Rico
\Disk 1\Education\A Primary Reader
\Disk 1\Education\A School History of the United States
\Disk 1\Education\A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature
\Disk 1\Education\A Short History of the World
\Disk 1\Education\A Study of Fairy Tales
\Disk 1\Education\A Zola Dictionary
\Disk 1\Education\ABC's of Science
\Disk 1\Education\Authors of Greece
\Disk 1\Education\blndthree
\Disk 1\Education\Brotherly Love
\Disk 1\Education\Cameos from English History
\Disk 1\Education\Chapters of Opera
\Disk 1\Education\Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol 1
\Disk 1\Education\Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles
\Disk 1\Education\Chess Strategy
\Disk 1\Education\Choice Specimens of American Literature
\Disk 1\Education\Civics
\Disk 1\Education\Civilization and Beyond
\Disk 1\Education\Classic French Course in English
\Disk 1\Education\Classic Myths
\Disk 1\Education\Community Civics and Rural Life
\Disk 1\Education\Composition-Rhetoric
\Disk 1\Education\Concerning Animals and Other Matters
\Disk 1\Education\Concerning the Spiritual in Art
\Disk 1\Education\Creative Impulse in Industry
\Disk 1\Education\Curiosities of the Sky
\Disk 1\Education\De La Salle Fifth Reader
\Disk 1\Education\Declaration of Independence in American
\Disk 1\Education\Delsarte System of Oratory
\Disk 1\Education\Democracy and Education
\Disk 1\Education\Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition
\Disk 1\Education\English Literary Criticism
\Disk 1\Education\English Literature For Boys And Girls
\Disk 1\Education\English Literature Modern
\Disk 1\Education\English Poets of the Eighteenth Century
\Disk 1\Education\ESSAYS, Political, Economical and Philosophical.
\Disk 1\Education\Everybody's Guide to Money Matters
\Disk 1\Education\Expressive Voice Culture
\Disk 1\Education\Footsteps on the Road to Learning
\Disk 1\Education\Four Famous American Writers
\Disk 1\Education\Four Great Americans
\Disk 1\Education\Friends and Helpers
\Disk 1\Education\George Washington's Rules of Civility
\Disk 1\Education\German Science Reader
\Disk 1\Education\Hacker Crackdown
\Disk 1\Education\Half-Hours with Great Story-Tellers
\Disk 1\Education\Halleck's New English Literature
\Disk 1\Education\Healthful Sports for Boys
\Disk 1\Education\Highroads of Geography
\Disk 1\Education\Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit
\Disk 1\Education\History of American Literature
\Disk 1\Education\History Of Modern Philosophy
\Disk 1\Education\Hold Up Your Heads, Girls!
\Disk 1\Education\How To Do It
\Disk 1\Education\How to Speak and Write Correctly
\Disk 1\Education\How To Study and Teaching How To Study
\Disk 1\Education\Initiation into Philosophy
\Disk 1\Education\Introduction to Robert Browning
\Disk 1\Education\Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato
\Disk 1\Education\Introductory American History
\Disk 1\Education\Journeys Through Bookland V2
\Disk 1\Education\Journeys Through Bookland, Volume Four
\Disk 1\Education\Language
\Disk 1\Education\Latin Literature
\Disk 1\Education\Legends That Every Child Should Know
\Disk 1\Education\Library of the World's Best Literature
\Disk 1\Education\Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 3
\Disk 1\Education\Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 4
\Disk 1\Education\Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 6
\Disk 1\Education\Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 2
\Disk 1\Education\Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 5
\Disk 1\Education\Libro segundo de lectura
\Disk 1\Education\Literary Blunders
\Disk 1\Education\Little Journeys To The Homes Of Eminent Artists
\Disk 1\Education\Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 7
\Disk 1\Education\Louis Agassiz as a Teacher
\Disk 1\Education\MacMillan's Reading Books
\Disk 1\Education\Marvels of Modern Science
\Disk 1\Education\Masters of the English Novel
\Disk 1\Education\Moorish Literature
\Disk 1\Education\Moral Philosophy
\Disk 1\Education\Narrative and Lyric Poems
\Disk 1\Education\National Epics
\Disk 1\Education\New Ideals in Rural Schools
\Disk 1\Education\New York Times, Current History
\Disk 1\Education\Ohio Arbor Day 1913
\Disk 1\Education\On the Study of Words
\Disk 1\Education\Our Government
\Disk 1\Education\Outline of Universal History
\Disk 1\Education\Outlines of English and American Literature
\Disk 1\Education\Political Pamphlets
\Disk 1\Education\Post-Augustan Poetry
\Disk 1\Education\Practical Argumentation
\Disk 1\Education\Prefaces and Prologues to Famous Books
\Disk 1\Education\Problems in American Democracy
\Disk 1\Education\Problems of Conduct
\Disk 1\Education\Public Opinion
\Disk 1\Education\Putnam's Word Book
\Disk 1\Education\Remarks on the Subject of Lactation
\Disk 1\Education\Reveries of a Schoolmaster
\Disk 1\Education\Rhetoric and Poetry in the Renaissance
\Disk 1\Education\Sanders' Union Fourth Reader
\Disk 1\Education\School History of North Carolina
\Disk 1\Education\Serious Hours of a Young Lady
\Disk 1\Education\Seven Maids of Far Cathay
\Disk 1\Education\Short Stories for English Courses
\Disk 1\Education\Short Stories Old and New
\Disk 1\Education\Short-Stories
\Disk 1\Education\Slips of Speech
\Disk 1\Education\Society for Pure English
\Disk 1\Education\Society for Pure English Tract XI
\Disk 1\Education\Steam Steel and Electricity
\Disk 1\Education\Stories From Thucydides
\Disk 1\Education\Stories of Inventors
\Disk 1\Education\Story Hour Readers Book Three
\Disk 1\Education\Studies in Civics
\Disk 1\Education\Style
\Disk 1\Education\Symphonies and Their Meaning
\Disk 1\Education\Teachers' Outlines for Studies in English
\Disk 1\Education\Ten Boys from Dickens
\Disk 1\Education\Ten Englishmen of the Nineteenth Century
\Disk 1\Education\The Advance of English Poetry in the Twentieth Century
\Disk 1\Education\The Altruist in Politics
\Disk 1\Education\The Art of the Story-Teller
\Disk 1\Education\The Bird-Woman of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
\Disk 1\Education\The Book of Enterprise and Adventure
\Disk 1\Education\The Book of Good Manners
\Disk 1\Education\The Book of the Epic
\Disk 1\Education\The Child-Voice in Singing
\Disk 1\Education\The Courage of the Commonplace
\Disk 1\Education\The Edda, Vol. 1
\Disk 1\Education\The Edda, Vol. 2
\Disk 1\Education\The Elson Readers, Book 5
\Disk 1\Education\The Evolution of English lexicography
\Disk 1\Education\The German Classics
\Disk 1\Education\The German Classics of The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Vol. IX
\Disk 1\Education\The Gold Brick and the Gold Mine
\Disk 1\Education\The Greek View of Life
\Disk 1\Education\The Guide to Reading
\Disk 1\Education\The History of a Mouthful of Bread
\Disk 1\Education\The History Of University Education In Maryland
\Disk 1\Education\The Influence of Old Norse
\Disk 1\Education\The Junior Classics Volume 8
\Disk 1\Education\The Junior Classics, V4
\Disk 1\Education\The Junior Classics, V5
\Disk 1\Education\The Junior Classics, V6
\Disk 1\Education\The Junior Classics, V7
\Disk 1\Education\The Laws of Etiquette
\Disk 1\Education\The Louisa Alcott Reader
\Disk 1\Education\The Man Shakespeare
\Disk 1\Education\The Minister and the Boy
\Disk 1\Education\The Nation in a Nutshell
\Disk 1\Education\The New Ideal In Education
\Disk 1\Education\The New McGuffey First Reader
\Disk 1\Education\The Nuttall Encyclopaedia
\Disk 1\Education\The Ontario High School Reader
\Disk 1\Education\The Philosophy of Style
\Disk 1\Education\The Principles Of Aesthetics
\Disk 1\Education\The Renaissance of the Vocal Art
\Disk 1\Education\The Roman Pronunciation of Latin
\Disk 1\Education\The Story Hour
\Disk 1\Education\The Story of Sugar
\Disk 1\Education\The Story of the Greatest Nations
\Disk 1\Education\The Story of the Greeks
\Disk 1\Education\The Story Of The Odyssey
\Disk 1\Education\The Tatler, Volume 1
\Disk 1\Education\The Teacher
\Disk 1\Education\The Theory of the Theatre
\Disk 1\Education\The True Citizen, How To Become One
\Disk 1\Education\The United States Since The Civil War
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol II
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol III
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol IV
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol VI
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol VII
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol VIII
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol X
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol XI
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol XII
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Vol. I
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books, Volume V.
\Disk 1\Education\The World's Greatest Books...
\Disk 1\Education\The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII
\Disk 1\Education\The Young Gentleman and Lady's Monitor
\Disk 1\Education\The Young Woman's Guide
\Disk 1\Education\Types of Children's Literature
\Disk 1\Education\Uncle Robert's Geography
\Disk 1\Education\Verse and Prose for Beginners in Reading
\Disk 1\Education\Voices for the Speechless
\Disk 1\Education\Why Go to College

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