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Hypnosis Collection

To Hypnotize People and Other Living Things by Wayne F. Perkins, is not just a book. It is a complete system that allows you to learn how to hypnotize other people very easily. The book contains easy to use exercises and techniques that will get you hypnotizing other people in just a few minutes.

The Perkins Method of Hypnosis involves learning hypnosis by reading the scripts into a
tape recorder. You then listen to the scripts over and over again until you feel you have
the right sound and the correct feel to it. You do not need to memorize the scripts. You
only have to know the sequence of events that lead a person into hypnosis and then lead a
person back to full consciousness.

You will have access to some basic theory to get you going and also information on how to select
your first subjects and how to induce hypnosis. You will also learn how to deliver some
basic hypnosis prescriptions. A prescription is specific script designed to help your
subject achieve a particular goal in the conscious state of mind.

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