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Nov 26 2010

Meeting you for the first time is a fascinating experience. You have a very powerful presence. It cannot be missed. It is in the way you move, your walk and even your smile suggests a woman who is full of mystery, adventure and intoxicating chemistry. You are an interesting example of what happens when you take serious and spontaneous, tough and tender, sweet and sexy and mix them all together. Mmmm…Just right!

(excerpted from "Your Sensual Zodiac" by Suzie Johnson)

Nov 25 2010

The truth is, we know by now, to expect anything from you. Yet you continue to surprise and fascinate us. You are a living example of female power, laced with undeniable grace. You glide through life as if you are floating on a cloud of cotton candy.

(excerpted from "Your Sensual Zodiac" by Suzie Johnson)

Nov 24 2010

The Sensuous Pisces Woman has a tendency to experience love at first sight more than any other sign. Think about it. When you fall in love, you don’t just “fall,” you tumble head-over-heels. If you are not already a dancer you surely could be because you don’t just walk into a room, you float through the door. When you smile or talk, your loving personality shines through like a bright, beaming star.

(excerpted from "Your Sensual Zodiac" by Suzie Johnson)

Nov 23 2010

Everything about you commands attention. You wear your sensuality like other women wear diamonds. From your flashing eyes, to your charming smile, to your wild, warm ways – you captivate and fascinate. You were born with an ability to attract attention like a moth to a flame.

(excerpted from "Your Sensual Zodiac" by Suzie Johnson)

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